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Forever Vital Supplement Solutions in more detail.


Magnesium Sulfate, Sea Salt*1, Vitamin C, and enhanced by Frequency Therapy to activate your colon cleanse.


Workings of SoLi Cleansing:

It relaxes the muscles of tract tissues, like blood vessels, lymph vessels, bile canals in the liver, bile ducts, enzyme ducts of the pancreas, etc. It binds a lot of water drawing moisture into the intestines, which provides natural bowel movements, without irritating the intestinal wall. 

Magnesium Sulfate is not well absorbed by the cells, so the colon brings the magnesium sulfate out of the body together with the stool. It stimulates the periostalgia, which is necessary for better rhythm and contraction of the bowel movements. This regulates the stool because it relaxes the gut muscle wall.

When using SoLi Cleansing, a lot of toxins come into motion, and old toxic waste products are released from the digestive tract into the colon. This can cause irritation of the intestinal walls, cramps, bloating, and other inconveniences. 

We suggest, to drink at least 1 1/2 liter structured filtered water to dilute the toxins and to let SoLi Cleansing do its job. 

A clean and healthy gut is a proper start of any self-care re-balancing process. When your gut is polluted many other processes in the body are disturbed or even sometimes completely blocked. 

When your colon is constipated or does not function as it should, it is often hard for your body to absorb any nutrients and or minerals, this reduces the functioning of your immune system and the Vagus Nerve. 

SoLi cleansing is a start. A more thorough colon cleanse is done by means of enema’s, but this is an art in itself and needs explanation and instruction. Every person is different and it is for this reason, we test which colon cleanse protocol is best for you. See for more information on your suggested detox-plan(s) (available when you select Vital Blood Scan with supplement testing and or Vital Blood Scan Xtra). . 

User instruction SoLi Cleansing:

Dissolve 1 tablespoon (15gr) of SoLi cleansing in a lukewarm glass of water and take it before your breakfast. For some people this causes stomach issues, when this is the case, take it after your breakfast. Be sure, that you are close to the toilet. 


Magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, Magnesium Taurate, Sea salt*1, and enhanced by Frequency Therapy to relax your body and mind.  

The workings of SoLi Mag:

Magnesium is essential for the intracellular transmission of signals, for example of hormones and neurotransmitters, which bind to the cell surface. This allows communication between cells. 

Body cells need energy-rich ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate) to function. Mitochondria make ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) from fats and glucose, a substance that gives energy to many reactions in the cell and thus supplies the body with energy. ATP production is activated by Magnesium which splits the ATP so the energy can be released.

Magnesium is involved in the regulation of calcium, potassium, and sodium homeostasis (electrolyte balance). 

Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation, while calcium (together with potassium) causes muscle contraction (skeletal muscles, heart muscle, smooth muscles). 

Magnesium calms and calcium excites nerve cells. 

Magnesium present in cells is important for: 

🔷 cell metabolism, 

🔷 cell communication, 

🔷 regulation of body temperature, 

🔷 electrolyte balance, 

🔷 muscle contraction, 

🔷 nerve stimulation, 

🔷 heart rhythm, 

🔷 blood pressure regulation, 

🔷 immune system, 

🔷 endocrine system 

🔷 blood glucose regulation.

The magnesium stored in bone tissue acts as a magnesium reservoir and also determines the quality of bone tissue; while calcium hardens bone tissue, magnesium provides some flexibility, making bones less likely to break.

Given the versatile and crucial functions of magnesium, it is very understandable that a magnesium deficiency can have far-reaching consequences for health and well-being.

Good sources of magnesium are whole grains, (green) leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, dark chocolate, chlorella, and spirulina.

User instruction for SoLi Mag:

Dissolve 2 tablespoons (30 gr)of SoLi Mag in 1 liter cooked filtered water. Let it cool down. When cooled down use 1 x a day 1 small shot glass(30 ml) of the solution,  before going to sleep. 

Note: For repair and rejuvenation of your brain-cells use the liquid form Magnesium L-Threonate brainpower.


Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Potassium hydrogen carbonate, Sea-salt*1, Sodium Citrate, and enhanced by Frequency Therapy to balance your PH 


The Workings of SoLi Alkaline Mix: 

SoLi Alkaline regulates the acidity of the body. Our lives and health are based on the preservation of our internal environment. The acid-base homeostasis balance is of great importance in this internal environment. The body itself gives very high priority to this and extracts important substances from cells to maintain this balance. It is essential to keep our acid-base homeostasis in balance to prevent physical and psychological complaints.

When the body is too acidic, it can have the following effects on our health:

    🔷   Intestinal flora breaks down when the pH is too low, also digestive enzymes are not activated.

    🔷   Immune system decreases and the body's resistance deteriorates

   🔷    Muscle breakdown can occur

   🔷   Bone destruction (osteoporosis) can occur

   🔷   Cartilage breakdown (osteoarthritis) can occur

    🔷   Muscle pain can occur during exercise

    🔷   Fatigue

    🔷   and many more 

Healthy Vitalizers SoLi Alkaline helps the body to become more alkaline and regenerate the acid-base balance. Because of the unique composition of natural ingredients, our body can absorb these bio-available alkalizing ingredients in a sufficient way and brings the PH level to a more healthy state. 

User adult instruction SoLi Alkaline:

Dissolve 1 teaspoon (5 gr) of SoLi Alkaline in a glass of lukewarm water before you sleep on an empty stomach. 

Tip: Whenever you have muscle or joint pain, or even pain in general, you can use SoLi Alkaline also during the day after 2 to 3 hours after a meal. For severe cases, one can do this unto a maximum of 7 times a day. Pain is often an indication of high acidity level, by taking SoLi Alkaline you become more alkaline and this reduces the pain. 

Attention: SoLi Alkaline can be useful as a cure to bring the PH back into balance, as long that is needed and the period can be different from person to person. In the supplement testing, we test how much and how long Soli Alkaline is needed. In general long-term usage is not often recommended since certain parts of the body need to be acidic. One always needs to be sensitive to what your body needs and what it is able to handle. 


Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodiumthetyaborate, Sea-salt*1, and enhanced by Frequency Therapy to support your colon cleanse.


The workings of SoLi Enema Support:

To kill pathogen microbes and protect and clean the intestinal walls. 

This product is added to the water enema to rinse the colon. It protects the colon against acidity and toxins. Due to toxins released by the liver the intestinal wall can get sensitive to the caustic toxins. SoLi Enema Support helps to protect the intestinal walls against this irritation. Because of this you can relax better and keep the water longer in, and the water gets a chance to get higher into your colon before you need to go to the toilet. 

Due to the great absorption capacity of the intestines, electrolytes have been added to balance the body salts. In this way, it supports the fluid balance of the body.

SoLi Enema Support also reduces harmful fungi, bacteria, and even parasites. 

Simple, cheap to use, and great support. 

User instruction for SoLi Enema Support:

Dissolve 1 teaspoon (5 gr) of SoLi Enema Support in your water enema. When you do a coffee enema and 2x water enema’s to rinse the colon, then only use this in the second enema. (1st enema is coffee and 2nd enema is water with 1 teaspoon SoLi Enema Support and 3td enema just water)


 *1 The Sea Salt used, comes from the Nin salt fields and have been giving the best of the sun, the Adriatic Sea, and the wind from Velebit. Nin salt is ecological, harvested by human hands, completely natural and biodynamic.  It is suitable for everyday use both nutritionally and medicinally.  Sea-salt*1

SoSi HQ Pure Silver Drops or Spray is a High Quality Colloidal silver. Free floating silver in our body helps the immune system in killing microbes. Unlike drugs, microbes cannot develop an immunity to Silver. When silver floats freely through the body, it helps our immune system to kill microbes. These microbes cannot develop immunity to silver, which they can do against drugs. SoSiHQ Pure Silver has a PPM (Particles Per Million) of more than 200, while the most sold silver preparations have abt. 15 upto 50 PPM. Not all silver products are created equally. The Bio available Nano particles size and concentration make SoSi HQ Pure Silver more effective.

SoSi HQ PureSilver nano particles are so small that they can easily fit inside of the human cell and kill disease causing microbes inside the cell as well as without. It can reach the smallest blood vessels.

Silver has been used safely for thousand of years.

Unlike drugs microbes can’t develop immunity to silver.

SoSi HQ kills bacteria, viruses & mold and can be used for:


Standard the SoSi HQ Pure Silver is enhanced with a “Rescue Remedy Frequency”, that has specially been added to calm the body in case of small wounds to reduce the trauma and the pain caused by the ‘accident’.

Other enhancing frequencies can be added on request and must be contacted by the first Liner, realize that this takes handling, coördination and preparation time and there can be a waiting list due to limited capacity.

Some of the following symptoms can be supported, when the SoSi is enhanced with specific corresponding frequencies like:


Liver charge helps with; 

 Liver disorders, dyspepsia, flatulence, sensation of fullness, the release of the liver it’s toxines, abdominal distention, hyperlipemia, and supports an overall cleansing of the intestines. 

For people who prefer a gentle detox but very effective. 

General adult usages: 

2x a day one pipet in one glass of clean filtered water. It can stimulate bowel movements, so it might be handy to be the first hour close to a toilet. 

pH Balance, makes us alkaline and increases oxygen uptake

Becoming alkaline again is the beginning of repairing the damage done by being too acidic. In an alkaline body, it is impossible for unwanted guests to thrive, including the harmful pathogenic microbes and or cancer cells. 

The damage caused by lack of oxygen:

A too acidic body is less able to release the proper oxygen our cells need to carry out the necessary processes in our body. The biggest users of oxygen are our brains and thus are the first to function less well due to lack of oxygen. It is no wonder that dementia and related brain disorders are rising so sharply.

It is scientifically known that the radiation caused by 5G antennas absorbs oxygen, causing huge increases in respiratory, cardiac, circulatory (blood clumping) and "lack of concentration" problems since 2020. 

How pH Balance works & standard use for an adult:  Please follow the specific instructions!!

Put 2 drops of pH Balance in 200ml glass of distilled water (only distilled water) and drink it in small sips immediately AFTER the main-meal and it regulates the pH and releases extra oxygen to the body. 

Together with the Golden Duo & the EMV ornament, make a good start to upgrade your vitality.

Introduction Prostate Complaints:

The reason for the occurrence of prostate complaints vary too much from man to man that indicating a general solution is impossible. Usually the cause of prostate complaints is a combination of factors, such as physical and or mental stress, type of diet, degree of exercise, fat content, production of testosterone, the age of the man and the degree of exposure to radiation from our wireless network.

If you want to effectively address your prostate symptoms we recommend that you do the Vital Blood Scan so that your body provides you with the insight into what is the root cause in your case so that you know how to  upgrade your vitality.

Prostate Ease description:

Prostate Ease: Diseases of the prostate gland and gynecological conditions associated with excess androgens. (see image on the right)

Thanks to the synergy of all the ingredients, Prostrate Ease has a beneficial effect on benign prostate hyperplasoa (BPH*). It improves the urinary symptoms associated with this disease, has an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore contributes to a higher quality of vitality. 

It is 100% vegetarian-vegan, Alcohol-free & Pesticide-free.

* BPH means Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) - also known as prostate gland enlargement - is a common condition as men age. An enlarged prostate gland can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine from the bladder. It can also cause bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems.

Dosage Prostrate Ease:

Prostrate Ease falls under the category of supplements where we recommend testing it first (preferably a Vital Blood Scan) to see if your body and mind actually needs it. 

Standard adult dosage Prostrate Ease:

2x daily half pipette in a glass of filtered water

Or the dosage as tested by the Bio-Resonance Machine.

Menstrual Balance: Regulating your menstrual cycle

For menstrual disorders: dysmenorrhea (medical term for painful menstrual periods), metrorrhagia (bleeding that occurs at irregular intervals and is not related to the menstrual cycle), hypermenorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), PMS (has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, including mood swings, sensitive breasts, cravings for food, fatigue, irritability and depression).

This Forever Vital supplement is a blend of herbs and plants that promotes and stimulates menstruation, so this supplement is very useful in treating a variety of menstrual disorders, including dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), heavy or irregular periods, amenorrhea (failure to menstruate, often defined as the absence of one or more periods), metrorrhagia (irregular uterine bleeding, especially between periods), etc. This supplement contains herbs and plants that have been used since ancient times for their menstruation-regulating and antidysmenorrheic effects (it soothes painful periods and improves irregular menstruation). 

In addition, zinc and copper are important; these two elements are important and necessary in the physiological and physio-pathological processes of the menstrual cycle. Disturbances related to these minerals explains the pain women often have in the days before and during menstruation.

This supplement is 100% vegetarian-vegan, pesticide- and alcohol-free. 

Dosage Menstrual Balance for an adult woman:

Menstrual Balance falls under the category of supplements where we recommend testing it first to see if your body and mind actually needs it. 

Standard dosage for an adult woman:

2x daily half pipette in glass of filtered water.  

Or the dosage as tested by the Bio-Resonance Machine.