About Healthy Vitalizers

Healthy Vitalizers are all about Things and NO-Things that mainly support the Health and Wellbeing of our Mother planet which includes, Man, flora, fauna, mineral kingdom, actually all electro-magnetical (EM) beings!

The more we come to know about the working and interaction of these vitalizers, the healthier the bodies that are involved can interact, process, and operate. One of the starting points is to view these processes from a more electrical and magnetically perspective since we are primarily Electro-Magnetical beings and secondary mechanical-, chemical beings.  

Is it not strange that humanity is so much focussed on the chemical side of life, especially when it comes to our wellbeing?

How come that modern medical science is so much focussed upon that chemical principle. Whilst the EM,  is practiced already for thousands of years. Acupuncture  for example has been practiced for many thousands of years and still does not find the position it deserves in mainstream medicine. Or can’t it be viewed as a medicine but more like a remedy and are we already so much conditioned, that we have to ‘take’ something to balance our health? The same may count for the testing and balancing with Bio-Resonance technology, already operational for decades but still not  discovered by the majority of the people. Which might also have to do, that we are more conditioned into the chemical way. Healthy Vitalizers wants to shine some more light upon  the world of  the Electro-Magnetical and the Bio-Natural. Because our bodies are made of this already for eons of time.

The Proposition

After a long period of intense development, Healthy Vitalizers has been able to make a proposition to those people who want to work on their health and well-being, based on their own sovereignty and collectively acquired insights. 

This Proposition speaks also about the 9 reasons why it works, because we also have 1 important criterion that says, 

Does it Work?