Concerning  Healthy Vitalizers

A drop of blood, iridology and foot massage naturally reveal the body's secrets it needs for recovery and progress. The amazing thing is that nobody really depends on very expensive equipment and the enormous factories of healthcare institutions for a diagnosis.

Bio-resonance, for example, is pure and accurate for diagnosis and repair. Healthy food and intestinal cleansing will do the rest. Simple and effective self-recovery is a necessary condition for everyone to survive in this world of stress and stimulation and consumption.

Going back to basics is really not an unnecessary luxury. Everyone knows intuitively that this is very much needed and that is what we encounter every day in our center for Healthy Vitalizers. Making use of the intelligence of the immune system and strengthening through purification instead of the burden by more drugs is our motto. Do not continue with the stuck-on pollution, but first, start cleaning up the past. The bio-diversity starts in the intestines and revives from healthy and adjusted nutrition. But what is healthy when the system is out of balance?

Personal growth and evolution is more likely to be successful if the soil is not contaminated with heavy metals and other unwanted loads. A healthy body starts with healthy digestion, a system with its own intelligence, which is always looking for balance and sometimes causes illness as a means of recovery. These are signals of detoxification, which are not resolved by simply cutting away organs or parts, but by changing the lifestyle, aimed at restoring the natural balance.

Years of experience have given us the tools for recovery that are effective for the seriously ill and healthy people. Because even a healthy person often already carries the germs of abnormalities, which are better remedied at an early stage than surgery at a late stage. A drop of blood reveals its secrets at various stages; for all to see and for the expert to judge. This is the starting point of a new beginning, which we are happy to support and that is what is shown on this website.


Healthcare in the early 21st century is almost completely controlled by ‘vested interest’ which claims that their system, known as ‘modern medicine’ is the only genuine form of healthcare and that all other forms are to be regarded as pseudoscience and quackery. The consequence of this control is that we, the private supporters of Self-Care, are assumed to be under legal requirement to state that we are not medical doctors. In addition, we are obliged to state that, even though its contents have been obtained from professional and reliable sources, this support is intended to serve as an informational guide; its core purpose is to assist and support people to make truly informed decisions about their healthcare